Thursday, July 2, 2015

Root Canal Treatment In Hyderabad

The Root Canal Treatment ,also called as Endodontic treatment, is a dental treatment in which for diseasedor damaged pulp.That is the core of a tooth is removed and the inside areas of the tooth such as pulp chamber and root canals are filled and sealed.The Root canal procedure varies from other dental treatments in such a way that the area inside the root canals is filled with a filler material.

The Root canal treatment involves making a small opening in the tooth, and removing the nerve,blood supply and pulp. When the root canal is  cleaned, shaped, sterilized  and at end the root and canal space is filled sealed  with a filling material, like  cavity or hole in our tooth is get filled. A root canal treatment is refered as a repair to the inside of the tooth.And it is an alternative way for internal tooth nerve damage or tooth abscess by having the tooth removed.After the endodontic treatment the tooth will die and  the patient doesn't have any feel or pain on that tooth because of the nerve tissue of that tooth is taken out and the infection has been eliminated.

In this Root Canal treatment, the pulp chamber in the tooth is removed with the walls of the canals and modified and enlarged. After making the canals smooth and sharp, drugs are injected into the cavity to kill the bacteria, Then the tooth is fill with filler material and sealed to prevent any other contamination. The procedure usually takes 3 to 5 sessions and some time it varies depending on the doctor and the amount of tooth damage. As a part of the root canal therapy, there is a local anesthetic will given to which the person feels any pain during the procedure. Drugs too are provided for the first days of treatment so the tooth does not feel any sensitivity and the doctor give  an advise to the patient to not chew on hard food during this period.

Root Canal Treatment is not as much expensive treatment. Mahendra Dental Hospital is one of the prominent dental clinic that provides all the dental treatments.

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