Sunday, April 26, 2015

Orthodontic Treatment in India

Orthodontic braces are  braces  that help to straighten, align teeth and correct position of dental structure. Now a days there are  mainly four type of braces they are metal braces, invisalign braces, ceramic braces and lingual braces . Metal braces are used widely all our  India, there are some food restriction for these kind of braces. It is also the Least expensive type and are now available in different colors.
ceramic braces is Less noticeable and amount metal used is less.It is more expensive when compared to Metal braces. Lingual Braces  are the braces that are invisible from outside and it is bit difficult to clean and expensive too.
Invisalign braces  are the most expensive of all but the pain involved is very less and are easily removable which allows the patient to have any kind of food,they are available only for teen and adults.

Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad

Root canal therapy is also known as endodontic therapy. A cracked tooth can cause pain and infection on teeth so doctors suggest root canal treatment. A deep cavity, injury on teeth or severe knock on teeth can be the reasons. Root canal treatment cost in Hyderabad is comparability less when compared to other states in India especially in Mahendra Dental Hospital. Bleeding gums treatment and Laser treatment are done here. Root Canal Treatment in Hyderabad is famous all over India

Laser Gum Treatment Hyderabad

Laser Gum surgery treatments are provided for gum disease at  Hyderabad
Lights of laser is helpful to  remove diseased tissue and harmful bacteria gently from the tooth gum pocket. It help gum to heal naturally and also help the gum pockets to improve and in turn the teeth become more strong.

Benefits of Laser Gum treatment

  • It is less painful and best  effective than cut and stitch gum surgery.
  • No stitches and no cutting of gum tissue helpful to recover with minimal pain and minimal bleeding.
  • Maintain soft gum tissue, instead of cutting it.  
  • Reduces  sensitivity and root exposure.
  • Laser Gum treatment help to reduces infection.
  • It help to save time of both  patients and doctor.